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Not all who wander are aimless, especially those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image.

To see the world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

How I Met Your Mother.

I have only one response to it.


Did anyone actually want Ted and Robin together?

I blame the Tony’s for this…

Is there a RP out there that’s like a world that Musical characters exist in?

If not…

Who’s be interested in one was created?

Reaction to Finale

Where was “huge amounts” of Cs interaction? Where was this amazing CS scene?

Yes I get there were a few interactions between the RUMBELLE show… but what?

I think we should offically call season two, the rumbelle season. I am really tiring of them writers, and it’s actually your fault because I did once like them. Then they became the focus and got they got boring fast. Oh just magically Rumple had the cure for memory loss all of a sudden. 

Dont tease me with CS and then not deliver. Don’t tell me that Emma and Neal are nothing if they become soemthing. Don’t tell me Hook and Emma are kindred spirits, that they’re attracted to each other and instead of showing that have one character say it without much feeling.

If you tell me CS is coming, give me the promise of something. You’ve given them chemistry and taken it away. As if “Tallahase” scenes were forgotten. As if the fact Hook finally wasn’t going to betray someone meant nothing. 

God damn writers. You infuriate me with this.

Read the list of Cancelled/Renewed Tv show

I had one reaction…


Smash and Go On get cancelled, and community, the one show that has had so many second chances it’s like that guy in Austin Power’s who can never die, get’s picked up again!


Yes, I’ll grant you, Smash got shit, very quickly, but it has promise.

As for Go On, it was Matthew Perry trying something new, and it was a beautiful little 20 minutes every week that was enjoyable. Not life changing television just enjoyable.

Why do TV networks around the world keep rewarding shit television?

Vampire Diaries get another season? WHAT! I tried to watch that… I really did. I survived long enough to watch the most annoying character get killed four episodes in, only to realise I actually wanted them all to die, not just her.

Carrie Diaries? Really? REALLY? That show takes something that was good, sex and the city, which was categorically destroyed in two hour and half movies, and carries on with the god awful tone of them, not the show. Do I want to get “Carrie-d” away? Dear god no! The central problem is the show was about a group, and you’ve actually taken the least liked member, without BIG, her only redeeming quality, and expected it to be good.

And Glee?! The show that had a loveable bank of characters that then tried to introduce a new set, with new problems, as if we were suddenly supposed to care about these people straight away. Not to mention the fact this Murphy tries to have a full character arc per episode, not season, and ram home a ‘message’ all in an hour, leaving me feeling like someone who ate one of those heart attack burgers that’s about 7 patties tall with extra cheese. Stop before you hurt yourself Ryan Murphy.

How I met your mother - even though I love it - somehow manages to hang on! It’s how I met your mother! If this season ends with Robin and Barney’s wedding, then mission accomplished. The show is how I MET your mother, not how I DATED your mother. No Jason Segal - no deal. Give up while you’re ahead.

Reality shows are renewed. 

All of this is coming, and shows that are daring for the new, or at least using unique concepts are gone. I understand when TV exec’s look at shows they see dollar signs, and the vampires diaries’ and the glee’s of the world will pull the teenage girls, the best market to have, just ask stephanie myer, justin beiber and one direction. All supremely untalented, but marketed to the right age group and BOOM millions of dollars. But still!

I come from australia. I come from a place where the television industry takes no risks, places the same 10 actors in everything, and hires an actor based on thier looks, not their talent, hence why all our shows crash a burn after the first episode. Because Australians apparently will only watch shows if the people are hot, not if the storyline is good and the acting is above par. Exception being Offspring, who took a risk. 

I come from that, I live for UK tv who do the opposite. They don’t draw a series out, they fill it with talent, and let it go. Look at the success rate they have! The amount of american versions of UK shows (that usually flop but whatever)

America every now and again picks up a gem, it’s brilliant, and then you cancel it for the shows that are horrible, but teenage girls adore them. The fact other shows have question marks, good wife, sons of anarchy, parks and rec, that’s disgusting.

Pick up your game networks! If you cancel Go on, and Smash, but keep the Carrie diaries, you have to take a long hard look at yourselves. If you keep Gossip girl on the air as long as you did, finding new ways every 5 epsidoes for someone to sleep with nate but secretly be plotting the downfall of Serena, and then question Parks and Rec…. you have problems. 

Enjoy the depression everyone

I’m sorry…

I thought lots of scenes between Hook and Emma meant lots of scenes between Hook and Emma.


I also thought not having romantic feelings for Neal meant not having romantic feelings for Neal.

Clearly, I was wrong and do not understand English.


I refer to this as my statement

I just needed to reiterate how much I agree with your 'I have a problem' post. We may have the same brain, in fact. We also share the same concern regarding the messages both franchises are selling little girls. Damn Disney. They should join the 21st century already. Grrrr.

Absolutley! I’ve been feeling like this all week so I’m glad there’s another like me haha! God it will be such a cop out if they go with Neal… such a cop out. Neal’s a dick… and it seems so strange after all they’ve said about emma not liking neal etc etc to go and set it up again! The elizabeth/jack thing was terrible. I’ve been terrifed from the start OUAt would go the same way at potc… 

Opening few lines of Disney’s Peter Pan

Mr Darling is going on a massive rant and he goes. 

"None of this Captain Crook… or Peter Pirate!!"

I’m not a Killipan person… but it was still fantastic.


I have a problem

No it’s not an addiction to CS, actually it probably is, my problem lies with scripts writers across the world! I have actually been so annoyed I’ve stayed away from tumblr, from everything. I even began to hate on the show a little.

So I’m going about my day listening to Eddy and Adam’s podcast, and about halfway through I get completely and utterly depressed.

They say Emma is like Rumple - the only way Emma will admit she has feelings for neal is if she’s pushed?


This is not your average rant like “OMG my otp is done. Life over!” This is a why the fuck would you make such a terrible character desicion?

To me, this is exactly like Will/Elizabeth vs Jack/Elizabeth.

The writers opt for the easy option or in Australia venacular, it’s such a cop out!

It feels like an injustice to Emma to have her go with this man. I’m not saying it’s happened. Maybe these writers will be different and. I’m also not saying I thought she felt nothing for Neal, I don’t believe her when she says she feels nothing. But to say she has feelings for him, and compare that to Rumple, is something entirely different.

Neal is not a good man. He doesn’t have the potential to be in my mind. He’s emotionally stunted thanks to his upbringing. He needs to be with somebody who matches his emotional maturity, and hen Emma was a naive wide eyed albiet slightly jaded 17 year old… yes, he was on par with her. 

But she’s lived a life now. A very different one. And she’s not like that anymore. To me, he would always drag her to his level, he wouldn’t make her something better. Love should do that. Look at Snowing. Look at RumBelle (ever though they’re fast becoming my least favourite pairing thanks to the writings over-doing them and giving them way too much screen time).

I just can’t accept Neal for Emma. It’s not even that it’s not Hook, it’s just that it’s Neal. Yes, he left her because he understood she had a destiny, I know every Swan Thief shipper says that, but when storybrooke’s curse was broken, he knew, and he still did nothing!!! A good man would have felt guilt, he would have wanted to see for himself that she was okay.

I don’t believe Emma likes Hook… yet. I believe Hook is attracted to her, but not to the same extent as some CS shippers believe. They haven’t interacted enough. But I believe that CS would be the kind of love that could be that love I talked about before. Hook without revenge, talking the way he is about needing a beginning, that’s the man Emma needs to meet now. They have the potential to help each other. Hook is the person who see’s through walls, and Emma is the kind to push him away from darkness.

To put her with Neal is like a backwards step. It’s like saying oh well, they were in love once, let’s ignore her character growth and go with the old love because it’s easier than letting her explore this whole other side she’s discovered in herself. Just like with Jack vs Will. 

Jack opened Elizabeth to a whole new world. He gave her the promise of adventure. He wasn’t the type to be tied down and loved a different woman every night, but as evidenced by that terrible fourth (though better than the third) movie, he could change for the right woman. Elizbaeth could have been that. The writers of POTC took the easy option. The option that tied Elizabeth to the life she was desperate to run away from in the start.

Emma/Hook/Neal are like that. Neal takes her back a step.

Whether or not she belongs with Hook is up for debate, but she needs a man to move forward with. Neal could never do that. 

I believe Hook can. Hook is just like Jack, except that we already know the lengths he goes to for a woman he loves. He was prepared to die at the hands of Rumple to protect her. Emma has the potential to make him grow more than Milah could

ARGH! Angry!

Sorry, this rant got long. I’m just really annoyed at the show and those writers. I feel like they’ve set all this stuff up and it will be for nothing. All they’ve said about true love is going to be bogus, and any lesson they want to teach young girls shot to hell!

"Go back to the dude who ran away from you! Leaving you to take the fall! Not to mention the fact he is a massive jerk to you all the time, and incredibly patronizing!"

That’s the guy to go for ladies! What a man. Dream Boat material.


^^^^^How I feel in regard to Adam and Eddy about liking CS




Why doesn’t any internet site have the OUAT 2x20 torrent?

I won’t look in any tags in fear of spoiling it but help would be great!

I download this every monay night (I’m from australia) to watch it on my run at the gym. What’s going on?

Wait, you can watch them even though you’re from Oz? o_O

I’m from NZ and this whole time, I just thought I had to wait for them to come on here…omg. I’m an idiot.

Yeah there’s torrents which has been perfect until tonight!

But if you explore the notes on my post you’ll find other lovely people who’ve given online ones! Get watching! This season is too good to watch as slowly as us southern hemisphere people get it!


Why doesn’t any internet site have the OUAT 2x20 torrent?

I won’t look in any tags in fear of spoiling it but help would be great!

I download this every monay night (I’m from australia) to watch it on my run at the gym. What’s going on?